Canyon Building & Design emphasizes a workplace culture that treats our employees like family. We prioritize safety on our job sites not only because it leads to an accident-free, successful project. Safety comes first at Canyon because we have a responsibility to keep our work family safe and injury-free.

Protecting Our Personnel

In addition to our superintendents, Canyon has personnel involved in each project. This creates an added layer of protection for our employees as well as subcontractors, suppliers, and job site visitors.

We ensure our personnel are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) on all projects. This includes hard hats, safety glasses, high-visibility clothing, respiratory masks, hearing protection, and specialized equipment for higher risk activities.

Safety First

In addition to our internal training, Canyon partners with OSHA, various specialists, and manufacturers to provide expert training for all project participants. Canyon recently worked with multinational safety product manufacturer, The 3M Company, to deliver hands-on fall protection education. As falls are currently the leading cause of on-the-job fatalities in the construction industry, this created an opportunity for Canyon to bring attention to the importance of exercising best prevention practices and proper usage of equipment.


Canyon Building & Design utilizes a proactive approach to safety as well as “see something, say something” work culture. When we say “Safety First,” it means that every person on the job site not only ensures their individual safety, but advocates for the safety of the entire project team as a whole.