Canyon Differenece

Canyon Building & Design is not only a full-service design-builder and general contractor, but one that is dedicated to quality, customer service, and safety. Since 1999, Canyon has fostered a reputation as a trusted expert, providing services and guidance in multiple delivery methods including General Construction, Design-Build, and Construction Manager at Risk. From our safety practices to internal checklists that ensure quality along each step of the way, our first priority is to not only provide construction services, but to offer oversight at all stages of project development. We have fostered a reputation for excellent construction quality and our mission is to establish a higher standard of comprehensive care for all construction projects. Canyon Building & Design doesn’t simply build structures, we build confidence.


We know that communication is key to a successful project. Our cloud-based management software, Procore, allows us to facilitate communication and documentation along each step of a project. We are able to collaborate from any location – the office, job site, or remotely. Creating, managing, and viewing information on-demand ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. Our goal is to ensure collaboration is seamless and thorough.

Zero Punch Policy

Canyon Building & Design takes pride in what makes us different from our competition. Using internal punch lists to guarantee quality workmanship means that your project is our first priority and allows us to monitor the process from start to finish, avoiding the tedious process of last-minute corrections before the project is handed off to the client.

In-House 3D Modeling

Canyon has an in-house Building Information Modeling department equipped with the latest 3D modeling technology. This allows us to learn the project before it starts, aides in constructability reviews, and ensures that the job is built without any surprises.