About us

Our Mission

Canyon’s mission is to build confidence with our clients by providing the best service our clients have ever experienced.

Our Vision

Canyon’s vision is to deliver unmatched quality, fiscal responsibility, & environmentally conscious construction that represents your brand with excellence and provides the foundation for business growth.

A Trusted Expert

Established in 1999, Canyon Building & Design has built a reputation as a trusted expert for comprehensive construction services in a wide variety of commercial industries. Canyon consistently executes state-of-the-art, quality construction projects that complement the beauty of the communities in which they reside. From historic renovations to large-scale commercial developments, we are committed to innovative, environmentally conscious craftsmanship in every project.


While delivering every project on-time and on-budget is the primary objective of every contractor, Canyon’s belief is that clients deserve a standard of service that far exceeds the expectation of an acceptable completion rate. With that mind, we diligently pursue continuous improvement in all departments in order to promote a customer service culture that elevates our clients’ confidence. This confidence not only encompasses the objective of a successful and prompt delivery, but also a constantly well-managed project process that maximizes quality and efficiency while mitigating risk.